Aapsee Controls & Systems Pvt Ltd
Specialist in Leak/ Flow and Process Controls Applications
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Aapsee Controls is the distributor of AI Qualitek / Uson for the leak testing products in India. And it has beccome the distributor for Alicat Scientific Inc in India for the Mass Flow Range of products.
Aapsee Controls has introduced its Leak Tester ACFS based on Diff Mass Flow Principle for Leak/Flow testing of different components.
Aapsee has joined the ranks of CTS as Indian Distributor for its leak testing Range of products
Aapsee has created a special leak testing method for testing Sealed components using Mass Flow principle for very precise method of leak testing.
Aapsee has become the Indian distributor of KEM Kuppers, Germany for the Liquid Flow Range of products.
Aapsee has joined the ranks of Voegtlin Instruments, Switzerland and Arkon Flow Systems, UK as the distributor in India.
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