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Liquid Flow Measurement



Units based on Different Operating principles like: Turbine, Gear PD, Helical Gear, Coriolis, Turbidity provide a wide spectrum of Flow Meters for different fluids having Varying Viscosities, Wide Range of Pressures and Tempreratures. A one stop shop for almost all types of Liquid Flow Applications in the Processing Industry!!!!!  

Turbine Flow Meters
Wide Spectrum of Flow Ranges with high Accuracy with varing Temperatures and Pressures make it the most versatile  in Liquid Flow Measurements. 

Gear PD Flow Meters

With precision Gears the Positive Displacement from the meters make them the best in the industr for High Viscosity Liquids 

Coriolis Flow Meters
Based on Coriolis principle the meters provide the best accuracies and give the masss flow rates for varying densitiy fluids.
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