Aapsee Controls & Systems Pvt Ltd
Specialist in Leak/ Flow and Process Controls Applications
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The company is promoted by people, who have created many applications in the specific field of Leak Testing and Flow Testing ---

Automotive: Leaks in CY Head, Manifolds, Housings, Brake Components for Casting porosity, Valve seat, Engine, Powertrain, Lube Oil Filter for assembly, Radiator, Heater Core, Intercooler, Oil Cooler for brazing Joints, Oil Seals, ASV Valve performance, Brake Circuit, Spin on Filter, Fuel Filter. Fuel Tank etc as special applications in leak.
Refrigeration: Condenser Coils, Evaporator Coils, Capillary Tubes for leak/ Flow Testing
Medical: Disposable Syringes, 3 Way stop cock, IV sets and Blood/Urine bags, Blister Packs, Tablet Strips
Packaging: Plastic Bottles (sealed/ unsealed, Filled/Empty), Spray cans, Spray pumps
Processing Industry: Mass Flow meters – (Non Corrosive Gases), Water Flow Meters Liquid Flow Meters (Coriolis, Turbine, Helical Gear PD, Micro Flow), Pressure Transmitters, Controllers for Sealed Component Test, Welding Process Control, Gas Processing & measurement etc.
Many more applications are added regularly to the list due to the continuous effort to update our selves to latest developments in respective fields and to upgrade the Industry accordingly
As part of its activities, ACSPL has been into the manufacturing of Special Purpose Machines, Automation Process in its assigned fields with the facilities for designing the jigs and fixtures suitable to the equipments being used. With the help of a team of designers and the facilities of carefully selected manufacturers in India, ACSPL is ready to provide the most suitable complete solutions to the leak/flow testing applications. Armed with the latest designing tools ACSPL will study the feasibility of the application preferably and guide the user throughout the applicability. The user can have hands on experience of the final product.


ACSPL is a team of experts having more than 25 years of experience in designing and providing turnkey solutions to the industry. The experience ranges from component level to final assembly level in Automotive Industry and at final inspection level in Packaging and Medical products industry. The company has trained Application Engineering Force operating from 4 Locations in India.


In line with the online quality control machines’ standards, ACSPL is gearing to equip itself to cater to the complete after sales requirements of the end users. The range of services include Calibration Facilities, Card and Component level services of PCBs, Periodic maintenance etc. ACSPL also selects its equipments’ manufacturers providing complete technical back up. Being in the field of quality control machines ACSPL fully understands the need for equipments with high MTBF and with its services will ensure very low MTTR.

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